The movement of oxyclozanide was contemplated in buffalo, cattle, sheep and goats commonly contaminated with fasciolagigantica.

The effects demonstrate a high effectiveness against flukes matured six weeks or more. The medication was additionally seen to have respectable activity on hepatic and ruminalamphistomes. There were no such dangerous symptoms seen in any of the creatures treated, with the exception of slight softening of defecation with expanded recurrence of defaecation and inappetence in a couple of creatures.

Poisonous side effects were observed more in buffalo. Sheep and goats were less influenced. A transient drop in milk yield for about two to three days was seen in a couple of creatures. No sick impacts were seen in trial creatures which were looked after on very nitrogenous eating regimens. The medication was additionally generally endured by pregnant creatures. We are the oxyclozanide manufacturer which is a salicylanilide anthelmintic. It is used for veterinary purposes and provided at very affordable rates.

We are the oxyclozanide supplier and oxyclozanide producers to a large extend. We provide quality products with accurate specifications, features, uses, and even mentioned the entire details about the products. We work with the highly qualified professional who had many years of experience to share and test such products in the lab. These products are scrutinized in the lab and after the lot of research they are produced and supplied. We prefer the veterinary doctor’s advices and always follow their instructions.

However the drugs should not be utilized for dogs, felines.Veterinary drugs must never be utilized for Human creatures.For any restorative consideration for your creatures, domesticated animals, we encourage our clients to counsel a Veterinarian/ Veterinary Doctor and go about according to his recommendation.We are resolved to offer our customers a wide accumulation of Oxyclozanide. The offered chemicals are broadly utilized for the medication and control blended parasitic incursion of liver flukes, round worms and amphistomes. All the offered Oxyclozanide are gave to the regarded clients in sealed shut bundling, in order to hold their adequacy throughout transportation.

We produce the product which is also known as oxyclozanide. The molecular weight is 401.46 g / mol and molecular formula of the products is C13H6Cl5NO3. The colour of the drug used is pale cream or cream colored powder. The CAS No. is [2277-92-1]. The sulphate ash should not be used more than 0.2% Ionisable chlorine should not be given more than 0.25%. Loss of drying should not be more than 1.0%. Assay must be less than 98% and it should not be more than 101.0%

The identification of oxyclozanide product is IR spectrum of the test sample which is concordant with IR spectrum. The light absorption is in the range of 250 to 350nm, of a 0.003 percent W/V solution in acidified methanol exhibits maxima at 300+2nm. The absorbance is at the maximum of 0.76 by UV. The melting point of the product can be 208* Celsius.

Since the product must be taken under the veterinary doctors’ advice for any of the animal creatures.

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