Medicinal value of organic compounds fetches its value after processing as a proper formula. Registered manufacturers produce the compounds after obtaining the results from research and development department of the manufacturing company. The compound gets classified under various names and gets a particular name by the time it reaches end customer. Many suppliers, producers and manufacturers are involved behind the successful reach of these compounds to the retail market.

The fenbendazole is an organic compound related to the family of Benzimidazole. Its molecular formula is C15H13N3O2S and it is almost white powder. The chemical constitution of this is hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon substituted on a five member ring. It is used in treating animals by adding it in fodder. This drug substance is categorized under Anthelmintic Agent for veterinary use only. It is used for in treating and controlling the issues related to digestive system of animals like sheep, pet birds, cats, pigeons, goats and other birds. The infections caused by worms in digestive system are effectively cured by this chemical compound. The infection causing worms responding to this treatment are tapeworms, hookworms, round worms and lungworms. This animal specic treatment is widely considered by many manufacturing units and some are seriously conducting experiments on this compound to bring out some more curable compounds.

This comes under the study of toxicology because the main use of the compound is to detoxify the gut system of animals. The other related substances as per HPLC are Fenbendazole impurity A, Fenbendazole impurity B, other impurity and Total impurities present in the percentage of 0.5,0.5,0.5 and 1.0 respectively. This can treat both mature and immature stages of digestive system infections. The immature stage is nothing but initial stage where the chances of spreading and aggravation of infection is less. If it is treated at this time then the medicine can start working immediately. In mature stage where the infection caused due to worms is already in aggravated stage needs continuous treatment for more than ten days to show the signs of improvement.

Some of the fenbendazole suppliers directly sell this compound to retailers whereas some suppliers follow retail chain. The fenbendazole manufacturers form big share in the chain and handover the ready compounds to suppliers for reaching the direct consumers through retail shops. There are many companies licensed for the manufacture of this compound but, the brands make no difference in the formation of the medicine. Only the name differs but, the chemical combination remains the same. The supply chain depends on the relationship between suppliers, producers and retailers. The pricing differs from one producer to other producer. This composition is showing excellent result on animals and the sale has increased due to good results. Animals are prone to seasonal stomach allergies and infections hence, during specific seasons the sale of product increases. Form owners prefer to have the compound in bulk for treating the form animals immediately at the first sign of the infection. This helps them to control the infection in the initial stages and to avoid major losses that may occur due to life loss of form animals.

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