Sodium Selenite the inorganic compound is a colourless solid with the formula Na2SeO3. The most common water-soluble selenium compound is Na2SeO3(H2O)5. It is used in the formation of the sodium salt of selenic acid.

Molecular formula –

  • Na2O4Se

Molar mass –    

  • 188.94 g mol−1

Appearance –

  • White or grey powder

Density –    

  • 3.098 g/cm3

Solubility in water –

  • soluble

Melting point –    

  • 320 °C

Selenium dioxide with sodium hydroxide are used to prepare this compound.

The chemical equation is:
SeO2 + 2 NaOH → Na2SeO3 + H2O

And when the hydrate is heated at 40 °C it converts to the anhydrous salt.

For animals and other domesticated birds the Sodium Selenite is very essential because it contain SELENIUM, which is very essential nutrient for their health and all over development. The lack of Selenium in them results in health decrement and also affect reproductive performance and egg production.

Selenium is available in inorganic as well as in organic form. The inorganic compound includes selenium, Sodium selenite, Sodium selenite, etc. and organic form contains substance like selenomethionines and combinely when they are used with zinc selenities barium and sodium selenite they are used to manufacture colorless glass.

In inorganic form it is very cheapest source of selenium. Being the cheapest source it is used in poultry which is nutritional to them and is added in less amount Which cause the better health , increase in body weight and also enhance egg production.
These selenites impart pink color which helps to cancel out green color leaves by iron impurities.

•    In Glass Manufacturing Industries for producing colorless glass.
•    Is also used as an ingredient in food.
•    Used as food for animals, especially for pets sodium selenite is mostly used.



brazil nuts

Selenium has powerful health benefits and is found in high concentrations in Brazil nuts

As mentioned above it is found in many edible items such as mustard seeds etc. But the toxicity problem grows when the nutrient is bifurcated other factors in ingredients like minerals, enzymes etc.
Selenium is toxic agent. For human beings the chronic toxic is used which is about 2.4 to 3 milligrams of selenium per day.  If humans consume only 180 mg of Sodium Selenite then there are likely to be 50% chance of dying.
Now you might be surprised that being a toxic then also sodium selenite is allowed!!! Why.
The reason is firstly that it is inexpensive and this has been shown as a great cause of increase of reproductive in poultry and also this has been marked on product like vitamins as well.

How It Works:

As we are now familiar with this product as it is important for body process and essential for health.
It helps to protect against harmful free radicals. Some who have gastrointestinal problem decrease the intake of selenium but when supplementing with sodium selenite helps in fulfilling their daily serving of selenium.

twinlab sodium selenite

The  above bottle is of Twinlab Sodium Selenite which  is a 100% natural selenium supplement and each capsule provide  250 mcg of selenium in, and is selenium supplement for peoples who are not allowed to consume yeast- or sodium.

Manufactureres :

Lasa Laboratory Pvt Ltd Quality Manufacturers of Sodium Selenite In India

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