Povidone iodine solution is an antiseptic solution. This medicine is quite popular and has been widely used in hospitals and in several households also. It is very effective solution for treating minor wounds. It also helps in treating infections and killing bacteria. You would have come across the povidone iodine in the market under the different brand names such as betadine, pyodine and wokadine. Thus now you would have got a clear perspective of what is Povidone iodine. The combination of polyvinylpyrrolidone and the element iodine is used in the preparation of the solution. This was first found in the year 1955, from then onwards this has been largely used. Several povidone iodine manufactures have come up in the market. Eventually, the sales of this have also increased as this is one of the primary drugs that are available in all drug stores.

If the solution is prescribed by the doctor, then it should be used as it is directed by the doctor. For those who are allergic to iodine, or find it after use that this solution doesn’t suit you, then you must immediately consult your doctor. If you are pregnant, or planning for a baby or if you are breast feeding then you must inform your doctor pre-hand, before they prescribe you the medicine. If you are allergic to any food, allergic to iodine, if you are taking dietary supplements, if you are taking prescription or non prescription medicines, having severe injuries or burns then in all such cases you must inform your doctor in advance so that the doctor would know whether to prescribe it or not. Povidone iodine producers also provide a label with the medicine, in which the method of usage is given. You can follow the instructions while applying the medicine. The application of this is a very simple process. You need to clean the wound and then apply this solution on the wound. After the application you can either keep it open or cover it with a sterile bandage.

The povidone solution should be used twice or thrice a day, as prescribed by the doctor. But if you miss the application then take the next dosage. If the doctor has prescribed you povidone iodine medicine then follow all the instructions clearly. However if you have some allergic reactions, dizziness, rashes or breathing problem then you must immediately consult your pharmacist or the doctor and stop the medicine immediately. This is one of the largely sold medicines. Pharmacy should definitely have this in stock. The pharmacy should contact the povidone iodine suppliers and tell them their requirements so that they would provide the medicine in a timely manner. They also provide the batch number such as 25655-41-8 so that you can keep a track of the medicine even when they are sold. Thus read all the warnings, side effects, directions and be sure that you use the drug in the prescribed manner. It has been proved to be one of the effective medicines in curing wounds since time immemorial!

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