It is a normal case of almost every house having pets that some or other the time, they get hurt or attacked by some kind of viral or fungal infections. When such things happen, I know that you would get hyperactive and tensed and start running here and there.
However, by this way you are not going to treat your pet’s condition, moreover that will be worsen. Hence, why do not you leave upon your stress and try some worthwhile medicines to cure the wounds and infection of your loving pet.

There is one medicine that can effectively treat the wounds of not only livestock’s but also works wonder over wounds of human and that medicine is povidone iodine. This medicine comprises of 10% solution of iodine.

It is majorly used as an antiseptic to prevent the pets from infection. However, this composition is not applicable for human purposes and always used for animals. In the cases, when your pet animal like, dogs, cats, horses, cattle etc get infection from viruses, bacteria, fungi or get wounds by some material; then you should apply this solution over the infected area or wounds.

Povidone Iodine manufactures in India have also given some warnings and indications while using the medicines, which everyone ought to take into account; so that he or she can ensure the safety of his or her pet as well as of his relatives.

•    Since, this medicine is extremely inflammable; hence, it would be wise to keep it away from the reach of your children.
•    Also, take care of the thing that, this solution in any case, does not comes into the contact of your or your pet’s eye, since it can cause high damage to it.
•    Povidone Iodine manufacturers also state that, this solution should not be swallowed, since it can react as a poison and even cause the death. So, it would be much better that in every case it is used for external purpose only.
•    Try to use it as a spray and apply it over the wounds by maintaining some adequate distance from the wounds. Moreover, while applying it use medical gloves, so that it does not comes into contact with your skin.
•    After applying the medicine over the wounds, allow it to dry and then repeat the above- mentioned procedure for one more times if required.
•    Then, properly wash your hands with some medicated hand wash, so that any trashes of it, does not remains in your hands. Since, it happens so, then, it is possible that accidently you can inhale it and causing serious side effect on your health.
These are some very crucial and informative things that one should always remember in order to avoid any miss happening and accidents. However, it is a very serious drug that should be handled properly and carefully, but you also need to remember that this drug is very effective as well.
It works over wounds and infections very effectively and cures it within nick of time. So, you can always keep it at your home if you have some pets over there.

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