Albendazole is marketed as Albenza; it is a bezimidazole medicine which is used for the treatment for various worm infestations. It is the spectrum of anthelmintic which is very effective among the various worm species such as tapeworm, roundworms and flukes. It prevents the newly hatched or grown larvae from your body before it causes various diseases. It is the best medication for killing these worms. It is used for the broader range of diseases such as giardiasis, trichuriasis, filariasis, neurocycticercosis, hydatid disease, enterobiasis and ascariasis which are caused by the parasitic worms. Using this medicine causes many side effects which includes serious side effects such as bone marrow suppression which even may stop the consuming of the medication. Liver inflammation is also the other major side effect which is reported frequently. Now-a-days there are lots of people suffering from this side effects and are at greater risk. It also consists of all the common effects such as nausea, abdominal pains and headache. It also harms if it is consumed by the pregnant women. It is categorized C in unites states and D in Australia. It was first discovered in 1972 by the scientists at SmithKline animal laboratories. It was listed as the most basic medicine needed by the World Health Organization.

In rare cases it caused acute liver disease and it also causes other different diseases like sore throat, yellow eyes, dark urine and stomachache which even cause vomiting. Sometimes it even causes variation in the level of urine and also aplastic anemia which may be permanent effect which cannot be cured. In order to reduce the effects of this regular monitoring of the blood counts is necessary and must. It is manufactured in bulk by the GlaxoSmithKline in United States. It is also used in various animal species such as cattle, sheep, goat, swine, camels, dogs and other poultry etc. this medicine helps the cow in improving the production of milk which also causes side effects in cows which leads to death too. It not only causes diseases in human being but also for animals which in turn causes the major effect on us since we consume animal products for food.

It should not be used during pregnancy unless if there is no other option since it causes serious effects. It must be encouraged to use for the women who have negative in their report. There are also many albendazole suppliers china. They even started selling this medicine in online stores so that people can buy this medicine in online. There is even albendazole manufacturers india.

Get medical help if you find to have those symptoms before they cause the real effect on your body. Make sure you don’t use this medicine unless you don’t have any liver or abdominal problems for the safer purpose and protect yourself from its side effects. Avoid being closer to the people who have this infection since it can be transmitted from one person to the other. Before using the medicine follow the prescription in order to avoid unwanted diseases.

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