The term rafoxanide is a medicine used as an anti parasitic agent, which is available in most of the countries. Rafoxanide is made with molecular formula of C19H11C1212NO3. The other information about this is that the molecular weight of rafoxanide is around 626.02. It is an oral medicine, which is used as a medicine for cattle and sheep. It is kind of drug, which is mostly given to the veterinary doctors alone. This rafoxanide is for veterinary use alone. This medicine is prescribed to the animals like cattle, horse, and goat and also to the sheep and some more animals against the disease like roundworms and flukes. Rafoxanide is a salicylanilide, it is used in a way as an anti parasitic executor to the animals like cattle, horse and etc. In India rafoxanide manufacturers are more and they are manufacturing this salicylanilide and exporting it to many countries, this anti parasitic should be given only for animals and not to pet animals like dog or cat. This is livestock medicine used cannot be tolerate by the dog or cat; they would be affected badly in case of any usage by them. This medicine should be given to the animals which can tolerate livestock. The manufacturers of India are providing it to them in different bundling as per their choice. One can also order the refoxanide in online itself. But this is supplied to the veterinary doctors alone.

The raforanide suppliers are also available in all the countries. The suppliers and the manufacturers will offer their product add in the online on their websites which will be helpful for the popularity of the product. Selling of this rafoxanide should be sale with all the details in the package or also by giving in a separate sheet. The appearance of the rafoxanide is in grayish white to brown color. This is packed in the drums that are in a fiber drums. The manufacturers are making the raforanide with a best quality ingredient. The dose in which using the raforanide is must that is over dosage may affect the animal curiously. Using of this product in the agriculture is not allowed. And also using this in a public or domestic hygiene should also not allow. This is available to the animals in a form of injectable and also by drenches.

The rafoxanide producers are producing this with the brand names like, Nasalcur, Nem A Rid, Ranox, Flukinex, Ridafluke and many more. Its therapeutic category name is Anthelmintic agent. The chemical name for the product is Benz amide. Many companies are producing this anti parasitic, but this will be provided only to the certain veterinary doctors. The most important about this product is that it should not be used r tested on humans. This is specially made to the cattle, goat, sheep which are suffering from round worms, luck worms and from some specific diseases. In some countries this is given to the pharmacy also, but in a few countries alone it is restricted to the pharmacy under the rules of the government.

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