Gut system of animal body is prone to multiple infections caused due to tapeworms, lugworms and roundworms. Eating outside under unhygienic conditions is the main reason for stomach infection. Parasitic worms cause severe stomach pain and leads to various health problems. The albendazole first discovered in the famous SmithKline Animal Health Laboratories in the year 1972 is working as a major stomach cleaning drug. It washes away the parasitic worms and kills the minute infections too. This is also known as a broad-spectrum anthelmintic. The molecular formula of albendazole is C12H15N3O2S. The chemical properties of this compound are strong and affirmative for many reactions. The molecular weight of albendazole is 265.34. The compound is soluble in many strong acids and dimethylsulfoxide. It is soluble even in all types of strong bases. It is insoluble in water but, soluble in chloroform and methanol. Each film coated tablet consists of albendazole of 200 mg.

There are many side effects of albendazole compound still it is a recommended drug due to its high effectiveness on parasitic infections. It causes bone marrow suspension but, it is not a problem to be worried. As soon as the medication is stopped the body condition gets to normal health. Those having prior lever problems should keep away from this drug because it causes severe lever inflammation and takes time for the cure. Common side effects are such as abdominal pain, headache and nausea. These problems are in fact common for many other treatments too. That doesn’t mean to stop the medication completely but should be taken with doctor’s prescription. The most general side effects like unusual weakness, chills with fever, symptoms of flu, vomiting and easy bruising are curable and not long lasting.

This anti worming formula is given to children above five years of age for doing deworming process. Usually children are prone to more stomach infections as they are habituated to licking of fingers and chewing dirty things lying on floor. Due to this they soon get affected by stomach infections. Some pediatricians recommend going for deworming every six months so as to avoid serious infections. It is not recommended for pregnant women because their system is delicate. In case of digestive infection for pregnant women doctors suggest alternative medication having no side effects. Hence it is essential to mention the point of pregnancy whenever it happens to visit the doctor for medication.

The compound reaches retail buyer after completing a great process of logistics. The producers and manufacturers get it to the market or to consumers through suppliers. The profit gets distributed at each level and it is scattered in percentage wise among albendazole suppliers. The compound that needs prescription of doctor is not allowed for direct sale. Since the beginning that is from 1972 the albendazole is sold in different forms and mostly in the form of syrups for children and tablets for adult dosage. Pharmacists are allowed to take the stock but; retail distribution depends on the number of sales having doctor prescription.

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