Povidone Iodine is one of the stable types of chemical compounds found in the market and also it is noted that about ten to twelve percent of iodine is available in this compound. This type of unique feature is found during the year 1955 and also they carried out many tests and found that this compound is less toxic when compared other similar chemical compounds in the market. Then, it is marketed to the chemical industry very soon and now it becomes one of the preferred iodine antiseptic. Povidone Iodine producers are almost available in all parts of the country in the world. It is acted as one of the prevention compound for any infections caused by wound. It is also used in first aid kits for the wounds like minor cuts in the body, burns or blisters. From the invention of this type of compound in market, it is used as prevention for skin related infections in human body.

With this salient features, povidone Iodine manufacturers has marked this compound as more effective type of bactericide. Some of the drawbacks in medical treatment on using this compound are that we will feel irritation while applying on wounds, and will cause staining to tissues that are surrounded by wounds as well. This type of deficiencies are overcome in the discovery of next version called as PVP-I and in this version, iodine is acted as complex form and also concentration of iodine is very low when compared to older versions. Hence, this version is called as iodophor. This version will not allow the bacteria to resist around wounds and hence this version is marked as very important substance in medical industry. The iodine which is present in latest version PVP-I l will react with other compounds like hydrogen peroxide, taurolidine and also with some other proteins like enzymes from any manner. It also reacts with some of the mercury related compounds in market and resultant is called as mercury dioxide. This new version is applied to skin diseases wherein this compound will start absorbing into body at various form of degrees and this is also depends upon condition and application area in body’s skin.

Other features that includes, it will be used in some level of diagnostic tests for thyroid glands in terms of radio iodine diagnostic way of tests. Some other areas in medical industry it is used as diagnostic test is stool and urine. The properties of new versions includes that it is easily soluble in both cold and warm water and alcohol as well. The stability of this compound is greater than tincture. Recently, researchers have proved that this Iodine can be used in the applications of nanomaterials. Normally, povidone Iodine is one of the absorbent types of materials when it is applied for wounds and it will also cause bur n if there is any excess use of such substance in our body. The carbon nanotube that present in such kind of Iodine will allow as keeping band aid aside for any type of wounds in our body.

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