Selenium is a chemical compound that is produced as a byproduct during the production of metal ores like copper and sulfur. Sodium selenate is a sodium salt of selenic acid. This compound has been researched well and it has been found that there are multiple uses for the compound. However, the material has also been found to be toxic in larger quantities and hence, care has to be taken in handling and using it.

While selenium was discovered in 1817, the various uses of the selenium salts were not discovered until later. One of the first uses of this selenium salt was to stain glassware. The compound gives off a red hue to the glass and was used widely in the glass industry. Other uses of the compound were later developed. The toxicity of the compound led to its successful use as insecticides and fungicides. A wide range of bugs can be eliminated using the compound. While the compound has toxic properties, during the research in the 1950s and later, it was found that it also has the capability to help in various human cell functions.

Sodium selenate is available in the market in the form of multivitamins and vitamin supplements t that are consumed orally as dietary supplements. The studies have shown that the compound has antigen properties and can be used in the treatment of tumors. There is also a lot of interest in studying the compound’s properties in improving memory. You can buy this compound from the pharmacies in the form of over the counter dietary supplement. The sodium salt of selenic acid is used in the medicines because it is easily soluble and the reactivity is low compared with other compounds. There are many sodium Selenate manufacturers who provide high quality chemical compound that has the right percentage of selenium. Selenium is one of the compounds that is essential for health and deficiency of selenium is believed to be the reason for various diseases in both humans and livestock. As the soil content changes, it was found that the livestock today are not getting enough selenium through their natural diet.

Hence the compound is added to livestock food at a highly measured and followed concentration. There are FDA regulations in place that caps the amount of selenium in the food at 5 parts per million. The compound is also naturally available in some foods like mustard. If you consume dietary supplements with sodium Selenate regularly, you have to ensure the medicines have the right amount of selenium in them so that the amount of the compound in the body is balanced. Remember that high doses of selenium can cause harm. Hence you should choose sodium Selenate suppliers who have many years experience in manufacturing, supply and research of the compound. Before buying any livestock food or dietary supplements, make sure that you read the label and understand the percentage of the chemical compound. Buy products that are manufactured by reputed companies and do not buy a product that does not list the ingredients and the percentages clearly.

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