Triclabendazole is anthelmintic type of drug prescribed for fasioliasis affected people. Most probably the fasioliasis is seen among the farm animals like goat, sheep or cattle and some of the humans. It is very rare and accidental disease in human. It may be caused due to having the unwashed vegetables, aquatic vegetables, uncooked vegetables which are tainted with encysted parasitic larvae. Fasioliasis is a widespread disease in 61 countries around the world and in more specifically in the areas of Peru, Andean highlands, Nile delta of Europe. It is also identified that 2.4 millions of people are highly infected by this all over the world and 180 million peoples are at danger. The Chronic affects of the disease shows some symptoms like body weight gain, eosnophilia, fever, abdomen pain etc.

The triclabendazole is a benzimidasole compound used to treat the animals since 1983. The drug has some common name like Fasinex. After 1989, the Triclabendazole is treated for the liver fluke and lung fluke disease found in some humans. The flukes can get clogged up in the body especially in the bile duct. The cycle of fasioliasis is from a tiny egg to grown worm. The drug with dosage of 10mg/kg of body weight has effective and safe to administer in a single dose for a day is given orally. It directly works against the parasite inside the gastrointestinal tract. If it is not working then the medication has re administered for 12 hours once with the same 10mg/kg and totally about 20mg/kg. The drug has found to be no severe side effects sometimes it may leave gastric irritations or some people may have diahorrea but that can be passing as the time goes.

The tricalbendazole is used only in clinical setting and are not advisable to the public. The adverse event followed by the treatment of using this drug and are categorized into two types they are systematic and mechanic. The systematic is due to the biological substance ejected by the dying worms. The mechanical event is due to the ejection of dead worms into the biliary system to the intestinal lumen. The tricalbendazole medicated patients have been tested with their stools to ensure that the medication is clearing the infection. Sometimes the drug tricalbendazole is also given to paragonimiasis affected people with the same dosage of 10mg/kg.  The Triclabendazole suppliers are found all over the world. You can search through the web to identify the best supplier. The leading Triclabendazole producers are ready to deliver the products in bulk order as per your quotation. You just ask for the price with your email id. They give their best quotation to you and satisfy your requirement.

The Tricalbendazole manufacturers should be recognized by the FDA. They produce the drug in various formats like IP, BP, USP and injection in a high quality. They produce the drug with precise PH range, highly effective and long shelf life with accurate composition, protein binding ability. The drugs are undergone various quality assurance tests to ensure the effectiveness and defect free product.

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