Mesalamine is an anti inflammatory drug prescribed by a medical practitioner to treat sores and swelling in the internal lining of the large intestinal colon. It is not an over the counter drug so has to be purchased from a licensed chemist. It is also referred as Mesalamine or 5-aminosalicylic acid used to treat bowel infection. It acts and shows its effect internally in gut so has its own minor side effects. It is metabolized into mesalazine and sulfapyridine. In different countries it is marketed under different brand names. In UK it is marketed as Octasa, Salofalk and in India it is marketed as Mesacol. It is available with almost all chemists of different countries like Ireland, France, US, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Serbia, Australia, Brazil, Egypt and Belgium, The oral medicine comes in different forms such as delayed release tablet, delayed release capsule, controlled release capsule and extended release capsule.

The capsule should be gulped as a whole because breaking or chewing will destroy the medicinal value of 5-aminosalicylic acid. The precautions to be taken before accepting the prescription of mesalamine are the doctor should be told about the allergy that may cause after the intake of aspirin and diflunisal, doctor should know if the patient prescribed with mesalamine is pregnant or breast feeding or planning for pregnancy and to be aware of the side effects of this medicine. Unless doctor suggests going for special diet, it is not required to change the normal diet. The missed dose should be completed as soon as the patient recalls about it. There are many mesalamine manufacturers in China because doctors write this medicine for various ailments related to large intestine. Due to many advantages, the mesalamine Supplier in China buy it in bulk and distribute it in retail shop to fulfill the shortage of supply. It is said to give relief in preventing remission. Rectal inflammation comes down to maximum extent with suppository therapies together with this medicine. Doctor consultation with a prescribed medicine slip should be produced at chemist for ethically obtaining this medicine. Some changes in life may require for controlling the bowel moments. With such minimum changes, one can feel the effect of medicine.

Side effects of mesalamine  

The common side effects of this medicine are joint pain, muscle pain, stiffening, arching of back, back pain, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, burping, dry mouth, constipation, gas, dizziness, itching, acne, sweating, bloody vomit, swelling of some body parts, diarrhea, flatulence and cramping. The rare side effects are like hepatitis, hypersensitive reaction, hair loss and acute pancreatitis. Fever may occur rarely with allergic lung reactions.  If there are severe side effects like severe stomach pain, fever, headache and cramping then the patient should seek for immediate medical help. Some extreme side effects like hives, swelling of face, difficulty in breathing and swelling of throat should be attended with emergency care. Still this is the best effective medicine for treating colonel infection doctors prescribe regularly if there are no allergic reactions faced by patients for aspirin. 

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