Know clearly the available drugs for treating parasitic worms in animals

Parasitic worms in the gastrointestinal tract of animals are very harmful and needs effective treatment to avoid death of the animal. Several over the counter creams and drugs are available in the market claiming to cure your animals from worms but only very few are effective in reality.

A common and effective drug for worms

There is a benzimidazole drug called albendazole, which is active against a broad spectrum of worms like tape worms, hook worms, round worms, etc., and is known to have a quick effect. This drug is used for different ailments resulting from worm infection in animals including neurocysticercosis, trichuriasis, filariasis, enterobiasis, etc., The drug was first developed in 1972 and has been enlisted as an essential basic medication according to the World Health Organisation. The drug attacks the intestinal cells of woms and affects the glucose uptake of the larval as well as adult worms. Apart from use in animals, this drug is extensively used for treating humans as well. The dosages for human and animal use have been regulated by the FDA approval and care should be taken while determining the appropriate doses.

Side effects of this drug

Though the drug albendazole is effective in treating worms, it also has certain side effects. The common side effects range from stomach pain, mood disorders, and increased urination, head ache, etc., The drug also causes increased synthesis of liver enzymes and sometimes causes liver failure. Though not common, some animals are allergic to this drug and also become hypersensitive. This drug should not be used in pregnant animals. Reduction in the White blood cell levels as well as bone marrow suppression has been observed in some patients treated with Albendazole. After withdrawal of the drug, these symptoms are reverted in patients. The blood cell count and the levels of the liver enzymes should be monitored continuously following albendazole treatment and the drug can be discontinued and restarted based on the performance on each individual.  In rare cases, retina can be affected and there are reports of retinal lesions. Also, oral route is the preferred mode of administration in humans and supplementing this drug with a high fat meal helps in improved bioavailability of this drug.

Availability of Albendazole in India

There are several brands of albendazole India possesses, which include Aben from the Life Care. Combatntrin A from Pfizer, Vermitel from Astra Zeneca, Zentel from Glaxo smithkine, Aben from Rouzel, ABD from Intaz, Albacos from symbiosis, Albazole from Wings pharma, etc., each manufacturer provides a similar dosage formulation as either 200 or 400 mg tablets. If you want to buy albendazole in India, choose a genuine manufacturer as any drug can be harmful if not prepared and administered properly. It is definitely better to purchase albendazole only upon prescription by a doctor and not on your own. It is so true that albendazole will help you treat parasitic worms in animals and humans, if used in proper dosage and with all the necessary precautions to avoid the side effects.

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